Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The New Erotic Year

Dear Peacocks,

The New Year is labeled a time of change by many people in America and around the world. We make resolutions to drink less, lose weight, have more fun, worry less.... Some of us actually work towards change; many more of us find change much too difficult to maintain. We find it safer to return to ways and habits that we learned in life, even if these habits no longer make sense or work for us anymore.

This year, 2013 is a year of change and acceptance for me. I accept my role as a healer. I accept my desire to use the erotic world and creativity to improve others’ lives and my own. Lastly, I accept the fact that my research is for people who are underrepresented because of their erotic worlds and/or desires. I accept being sex positive. I accept the challenge of being a sex coach and improving the practice. I accept the fact that I have explored self through the erotic world, and I am sure that I will continue using the erotic to learn more about me and the world.

This acceptance has been coming along for a long time, but I think that my acceptance of me (as is) has become very strong this New Year for many reasons; on the other hand, one reason stands out above all others. My mom died this January. She was a great woman. Her death reminds me that our time is not promised. We live to die. We can live someone else’s wishes while doing very little for our own development, or we can accept ourselves while aligning our actions with our beliefs about life. I choose acceptance.

The acceptance means that my creative output has changed  and will continue to change this year. My blog, radio show, and coaching practice is dedicated to exploring creativity and eroticism for answers to the transitions that we all make in life, for I know they both have the ability to reach the inner-most spirit. My creative outputs and coaching practice is dedicated to promoting a non-monogamous mindset. I do not apologize for that. I will never again apologize.

What is a non-monogamous mind? A non-monogamous mind is mindset that accepts change. A mindset that understands that a spiritual life does not excuse us from the ups and downs of life. A non-monogamous mindset understand that anger, freedom, and jealousy can make exciting sex and promote profound reflections. A non-monogamous mind is not scared of discussions about race, gender, and orientation. A non-monogamous mind knows that multiple sexual partners or only one sexual partner is not central to having good, satisfying relationships. A non-monogamous mind is sex positive and believes in safer sex. A non-monogamous mind does not mean we want to be a part of an orgy, although that might be exactly we want. Having a non-monogamous mind is being aware of creative, erotic possibilities.

This year much of my work will take on a tone of healing, living, and moving forward.

Hence, the re-launching of this blog and the new format for my online radio show (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drtsexcoach) is about aligning my actions with my beliefs.

I am honored to serve you,

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